From site identification to certificate of occupancy, we have developed a systematic approach to navigate our clients through the lease/purchase decision making process. Our methodology and experience help to reduce costly errors, while maintaining the integrity of the project. Specific services and specialties include:

Portfolio Transaction Management
For many companies with multiple locations, often times there is no centralized system for real estate transaction management. Lease terms are often inconsistent between the HQ and field offices. Many times there are no corporate standards created and implemented for the consistency and protection of all company owned and leased real estate. The result of this approach can be costly and punitive. For select clients, Cherry & Associates provides high-level service transaction management across the real estate portfolio. We partner with our clients to establish real estate best practices and metrics for each location. For any location outside of our home market, we will partner with a seasoned local consultant in the particular market we are working in. Cherry & Associates will always be the single point of contact for any transaction.
Lease Review
At any time during the term of a lease, Cherry & Associates at no cost, will review the document and provide a written lease abstract, outlining critical dates, clauses and options. We have identified many errors during this “scrubbing” process, often resulting in returned money from the Landlord to the Tenant. This step can be performed before or after we have been formally engaged by a client.
Site Selection
While the internet has made it easier for businesses to identify property, understanding the nuances, debt structure, landlord reputation, zoning and current activity of a specific property, is another story. From Class A office in the Southeast to highly specialized manufacturing sites in port cities, Cherry & Associates provides comprehensive site selection and analysis to best match the needs of our clients.
Lease Acquisitions
Much of our business comes from representing the leasehold interests of office and industrial tenants. The lease acquisition is the process whereby the tenant seeks to acquire office space in a new location, or expand onto its existing location. Depending on the complexity of the transaction, a new lease typically requires anywhere from three months to two years from start to finish.
Lease Dispositions
A lease disposition, or a “sublease”, simply means to dispose of space. Cherry & Associates has extensive experience in transacting subleases, as well as negotiating buyouts of remaining lease obligations. We seek to create minimal expenses, while achieving an income stream that most closely matches that of our client’s existing lease obligation. Our goal is to maximize the recovery for our clients.
Lease Renewals
Approximately 70% of all tenants renew or extend their lease on or prior to the expiration of the lease term. With this knowledge, does it make sense for a tenant to sit down with the landlord and try to work a deal out to renew, prior to an extensive due diligence period of studying the market? The answer is absolutely no. Cherry & Associates firmly believes that renewals should undergo the same systematic process that we use for new lease acquisitions. It is a process that drives tremendous leverage and value. Sophisticated Tenants will approach their upcoming lease renewals with caution and diligence, and with complete openness to making the right decisions for the benefit of their company, whether that is a renewal or a relocation. Cherry & Associates is impartial to whether our clients choose to renew or relocate.
Market Analysis
Constantly and proactively tracking office markets, Cherry & Associates provides clients with invaluable market data. Twice per year, Cherry & Associates personally creates its Charlotte market commentary report. This is achieved by hand selecting buildings out of each submarket that we feel are relevant. Through this process, we not only become more educated on the market, but we feel the method translates into a more pragmatic approach to deriving market rental rates, vacancies and absorption rates. Cherry & Associates is able to provide market data for most domestic markets.
Financial Analysis
Through our market intelligence, we are able to analyze deals not only from the tenant’s perspective (our client), but also from the landlord’s perspective. We always put ourselves in the landlord’s or seller’s shoes on any transaction. Our job is to consult our client on where the limit is. Cherry & Associates uses proprietary excel and CCIM Institute formats, along with its licensed ProCalc software for each financial analysis performed.

Both Joe Cherry and Ben Speir hold Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designations, recognizing that each has earned the right to be called an industry expert in commercial real estate and investment analysis. The CCIM is the highest designation in the commercial real estate industry, demonstrating extensive experience and financial acumen. ** Click here for more on a CCIM.

Investment Advisory
Utilizing the skills obtained through the CCIM designation, Cherry & Associates is proficiently able to analyze any office and industrial investment opportunity on behalf of our clients. Whether the investment opportunity is owner occupied, whereby the tenant looks to the building it leases, or whether the acquisition is strictly an investment, with the income provided by third party tenants, C&A works with our clients to determine the optimal value of the asset under a desired set of parameters.  Our Investment Analysis service includes financial modeling, debt & equity placement, lease negotiation, property condition assessment, thorough due diligence advisory, property management advisory, and vendor and contract negotiation.
Lease Administration
As a service of our Portfolio Transaction Management offering, Cherry & Associates helps our clients manage real estate costs and obligations through a single integrated lease administration system. Through our license with the leader in lease administration software, ProLease, we are able to deliver over 100 customized reports to clients through a web-based platform. We work closely with our clients on a monthly basis to check and confirm appropriate rent calculations before rent checks are issued. Additionally, we work with all property managers across the client’s leased portfolio to analyze operating expenses and annual reconciliations. When required, we personally perform desktop audits, disputes charges and engage legal counsel on behalf of the client.
Project Management
It has been said many times that a real estate project is made or broken during the construction and move phases. If the pieces don’t fall in line during this critical time, it can ruin months and even years of work to get to that point. Cherry & Associates firmly believes in the value that a seasoned project manager brings. Their job is to ensure that our clients’ locations are built on time and at or under budget. Our project managers are 3rd party consultants, not employees of Cherry & Associates. Unlike many of our competitors, whose PM’s are in house and act as profit centers, we help our clients interview PM’s and assist in negotiating their fees and scope of work.
Municipal/County Tax Identification
Charlotte’s geographical proximity to South Carolina has made for a highly competitive business climate between North and South Carolina. For the last thirty- five years, the State of South Carolina has offered aggressive economic incentives to companies choosing to relocate into their state. Today, the tax incentive discussion is no secret. Virtually every sizeable Tenant will explore its real estate options in both North and South Carolina, in particular the counties of Mecklenburg, Gaston, Lancaster and York. Working with North Carolina’s Department of Revenue and South Carolina’s Department of Commerce, Cherry & Associates will help estimate the amount of incentives a given company will qualify for, before the real estate evaluation begins. Through partnerships with local law firms, we are able to lead our clients through the process of determining which state and county solution is right for them.